Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams!

The past 10 months of this certification at Full Sail University has brought so much clarity for what I want to do in life. I have always dreamed of being a singer and songwriter and up until recently I gave up on those dreams. Last October we learned how to make a blog so I used this as an opportunity to rekindle my love for singing and turn it into a singing challenge for myself by creating What I didn’t expect was for the 2016 elections to rock my world the way that they did and sadly, I lost all confidence in myself.

The closer I get to the end of this course, the more I realize that if I can finish this certification, I could do anything really. The past month I have taken on piano lessons and I am practicing first thing in the morning every day. I repeat, I practice EVERY morning before I do anything and sometimes come back to it after work. This is the hunger I have been looking for and I can’t wait to finally get my vocals out there. So with that being said, I hope to re-launch so you all can join me.

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